EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine – Foot and Ankle Surgery

Editori: Canata, G.L., Parker L.
JP Med. Publishers; 2015

EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine is a book series written by highly experienced orthopaedic and sports trauma surgeons which provides authoritative, step-by-step guidance on how to perform key surgical procedures in a specific anatomical region.
Foot and Ankle Surgery specifically focuses on surgical techniques for correcting foot and ankle injuries commonly encountered in sports and orthopaedic trauma. Each chapter explains how to perform a single surgical procedure in its entirety, from diagnosis, preparation, surgical technique to closure and rehabilitation, while also detailing pre and post- operative complications and how best to avoid them. The practical, easy to use format makes this book an invaluable resource for all surgeons involved with treating orthopaedic and sports trauma injuries of the foot and ankle. EFOST - easy to reference surgical techniques written in a simple stepwise format, easy to follow cook book' chapter style, easy to navigate content allows rapid review of techniques.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Surgery-Surgical-Techniques-Sports-Medicine/dp/1909836346

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